Rainbow Bridge - Ben

In loving memory of my doggy soulmate, Ben.
11.04.96 - 25.03.08

A special boy who came into my life when he was 7 weeks old and stayed with me for almost 12 years. His mum and dad were working labradors from an estate in Scotland and he had the most wonderful attitude to life which I believe comes from that background. Life for him was a joy. Particularly if there was water involved.

We have many memories of him lying in the water wagging his tail in a semi-circle with water drops following the tail - a real sea monster and there was the time that he decided to swim with seals up in the north of Scotland. He travelled with us the length & breadth of Scotland and always found something to interest him!

Later in life he was just there - Ben was always around especially when I was in the kitchen, he loved the sniffs and hoped for treats. He was my first male dog and certainly much more loving than I expected.

What can I say - I miss him.