Rainbow Bridge - Ollie

Ollie you were the most special Labrador I ever met - you loved life, you were such a character, a mischief but oh so loving. When I was very ill you were at my side all the time - you seemed to know to be gentle. On that fateful night you were sat beside me on the couch, I had one arm round you , you looked the picture of health when suddenly you put your head back and you were gone. You were only 2 years old and I felt so cheated as you had shown no signs of illness at all. Carolyne from Labrador Rescue came straight away and she too was devastated as she loved you so much - you had a special place in your heart for her too. There were many many dark days and Ive never got over losing you - Ive just learned to cope better - you were the love of my life - I was so distressed Carolyne found me a Labrador who needed a new home due to his lovely owners going abroad - hes called Harvey and hes chocolate - she knew I needed help to get through my grief - Harvey has helped me a lot and I dont know how i would have got through those dark days without him.

This photo of you on the bridge was ironically taken a couple of days before you died and 2 weeks later was swept away with flooding - they never did rebuild your favourite bridge dear Ollie. We all miss you so much but your short life was not in vain as Carolyne got me involved in Labrador Rescue and I think of you Ollie when Im helping other labradors by fostering and fund raising.

One day when the time is right I will join you on the bridge and we will be together again - love and miss you so much Ollie

Carole Ally and the children xx