About Us

Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland SCIO (SCO42724) is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation and Kennel Club Approved Rescue.

The Trustees are volunteers who are dedicated to the welfare of the Labrador Retriever and cover all of Scotland and the North of England.

The Rescues mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Labrador retrievers and promote and advance responsible pet ownership. The Rescue also prevents rehoming by providing training and support to owners.

For many years the Labrador Retriever has been the most popular breed of dog in the UK. Because of this, there is an ever increasing number of Labradors who need homes. The Labrador Retriever is a loving, loyal dog who makes a wonderful pet. Many people purchase Labradors not realising their daily needs for exercise and human interaction. As an Organisation we believe that match making each individual Labrador to the perfect owner is of the utmost importance.

Whenever possible the Labradors are rehomed straight from their existing home to the new home as this is less traumatic for the Labrador. The majority of Labradors we rehome are much loved and only a sad change in circumstances or a crisis has caused the rehoming. There are of course some welfare cases and sometimes the Rescue has to remove a Labrador from an abusive situation.

We also work with Government agencies and other non profit organisations to assist them in finding Labradors who would be happier in service or a working dog environment. The Rescue must have a solid relationship with these organisations and know the training methods used and retirement plans for the dogs before we will assist them in finding specialised dogs. We have placed Labrador Retrievers who have gone on to become Narcotics dogs, Cadaver dogs, Explosive dogs, Search and Rescue dogs and Assistance dogs. Our preference is to place Labradors in companion homes but in some cases, some Labradors are actually happier working.

We are not judgemental and understand that families who have provided loving homes for their Labrador sometimes have to give them up through no fault of their own, and could never have predicted being in this situation.

The adoption contract prohibits breeding as we have no desire to add to the problem we are trying to help resolve.

We reserve the right to refuse or deny an application to adopt. This may be because your philosophy on animal care and ownership differs from ours.

- Carolyne Poulton BEM

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