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Carolyne L Poulton BEM - Chair
Peter S Poulton - Treasurer
Alison A Carey - Secretary
Brenda Cattanach

If you sadly need to rehome your Labrador or need advice please ring Carolyne on 01955 641 379 / 07845 010 031 or email

Contact hours - 10am - 3pm, Monday to Friday.

To allow time for all other aspects of LRRSS business to be dealt with, may we respectfully request that enquiries relating to adoption and all general enquires to the phone lines be kept to the hours stated.
You may wish to email us out with these hours and your email will be answered as soon as possible.

This does not apply to Vet Practices or Vet Hospitals who can contact Carolyne 24/7 on the special number allocated to Vets, or if you are calling about a Labrador in urgent need.

LRRSS does not generally rehome Labradors in the month of December. This is due to seasonal festivities where households are busy and ultimately in the interests of the Labradors.

Please do NOT submit Pre Adoption Application forms until after January 22nd 2018.

Phone lines are still available to anyone with a Labrador in need but please could general enquiries be kept until 22/1/2018

For any other enquiries please ring 01955 641 379 / 07845 010 031 or email

There is a separate contact number for Vet Practices, Police, Prisons and Search & Rescue etc. Please email for this number.