Rainbow Bridge - Cuilean

July 2001 to 29th September 2008

We were introduced to Cuilean through the Labrador Rescue service via Miss Vanda Salmon in April 2002. Straight away he liked us and fell in love with our black Labrador bitch, Khali. We were able to give him all the exercise he needed - walking, swimming, running along with us while cycling and coming out in our canoe. He loved it and repaid us every day with his happy face and wagging tail. His tail was amazing. It could wag from side to side, up & down and round in circles. It also occasionally cleared glasses of wine from low tables! His life has been cruelly cut short by an aggressive tumour and the speed with which it took him has left us and Khali feeling bereft. We all miss him but we have really good memories and a lot of great photographs with which to remember him by and we know he had a happy life with us.

Gwyneth & Bill Scott