Rainbow Bridge - Lucy


When as a pup you'd far to go
How quickly your life turned to woe
Hips no good, allergies galore
Itchy feet and ears so sore
Eating was your lifelong pleasure
That nose could find a buried treasure
But beware, the adder's bite
Oh, too late, you had a fright
Then Pets As Therapy, work to do
Enjoyed by all, especially you
Ever eager, face aglow
Jump in the car, come on 'let's go'
But some day I knew we'd part
You've left this ache deep in my heart
You suffered but it didn't show
My brave wee girl, we loved you so
I cradled you, you showed no fear
The pain was gone, the price paid dear
The tears still flow, it hurt me so
That day I had to let you go.

Forgive Me

I was devoted to Lucy having loved and cared for her all of her short life. She would have been eight in October. Despite the fact that she had acute osteoarthritis in her right elbow and hip dysplasia, she was a plucky independent Labrador, She simply lived to eat and was always in the kitchen with that pleading look as only Labradors can have. I think she especially enjoyed being a PAT dog because of all the treats she was given when visiting.

At the end of June she had surgery to replace her bad elbow and improve her quality of life, but at six weeks post op the implant failed and became loose, causing terrible pain, so Lucy was sent to sleep as I couldn't see her suffer any more distress. I was told that there would have been nothing the surgeon could do. So she died as she had lived at the hands of a vet.