Rainbow Bridge - Jake

Myself and my family moved to caithness January 2007 with our gorgeous springer spaniel jake, we absolutely adored him, he came everywhere with us, me and my partner climbed Nevis with him, that was an amazing weekend. We got jake when he was 5 weeks old and spent everyday with him, we had loads of adventures, then the worst day of my life happened of the 11th July 07 just 6 months after moving to caithness, Jake died, 2 weeks before his 4th birthday.

Jake had swallowed a ball he had found on the beach, the vets did everything they could....but could not save him, We were devestated (we still are) he was more than a part of our family, i never felt pain like it. But thankfully i contacted labrescue and just 2 hours before my call carolyne had rescued Harry a 2 year old black lab.....it was fate i needed him as much as he needed me, he is wonderful he had a hell of a life, now hes just in heaven, and im delighted to say he now has a sister, another rescue black lab called bonnie, she is 9 months old and she has given harry the puppy hood he never had. I now help out with labrescue caithness, and i say to anyone out there considering adopting a dog, please dont let age put you off offering a dog a home, i had Jake for 3 wonderful years, if you can give that amount of time to a dog then its absolutely worth it.